Hardi’s indonesian maid supplier

Training Center : Jakarta Timur
Transit Point : Batam

Call/whatsapp :
081918225520, 085237336669

Email : wawanganteng72@gmail.com,

skype   : wawanganteng72

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About Us

Re : Indonesian male and female workers

Dear sir / madam
We are a registered legal company head office located in Jakarta and
opening branche offices in jawa, Lombok and ntt.We would like to offer you skilled, semi skill
and unskill / general worker for housemaid/factories/plantation/construction/welder/driver/helper etc. We send housemaids to several countries and we put them at the training center to improve their skill in cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, take car of babies and children also take care old people. giving them understanding how to be polite to employer and their families during contract period.

finally If you are  interested to our candidates and want to make interview for
them just contact us to

mobile no: +62-81933127706

email : wawanganteng72@gmail.com ---wawanganteng72@yahoo.co.id

skype : wawanganteng72

we would finally appreciate to signing job orders at the Indonesian embassy in your country

Please don’t be hesitate to contact us if there are any inquiries.

Sincerely yours
Best regards,

Hardi wirawan